Saturday, October 24, 2009

Nay-Nay lost his first tooth

On Sunday morning October 11th Nay-Nay let Chad pull his 1st tooth. It was barely hanging on by a small piece of flesh. It was so sweet, Nay-Nay was so afraid it was going to bleed; he didn’t want to pull it out. He hates the sight of blood. (Poor guy I think he was traumatized when Doodle-Bug hit her head when she was just 9 months old and needed stitches.) Chad reassured him it would be just a little blood for just a second, and so Nay-Nay having the faith of a child that his father wouldn't seriously hurt him opened his mouth wide. Chad grabbed a hold of that bottom tooth and pulled straight up and it was out! Nay-Nay was so proud, he had lost his 1st tooth and he was so excited that the Tooth Fairy was coming that night. He went to church and showed everyone, seriously!

I wish I had that kind of faith that I could open up wide to the Father and say pull it Daddy, empty me of me – Empty me of whatever it is that is in the way of something better You have in store for me. Knowing that He wouldn't seriously hurt me. Sure it might sting a bit and maybe even bleed for a minute but I could be rest assured that something bigger and better was coming in right behind it. Then I would be so proud and tell everyone how God emptied me and refilled me with the enthusiasm of a child who just lost his or her first tooth. I thank God for my kids everyday. It amazes me still, how He can take ordinary circumstances in our everyday lives and show us His heart. Our children truly are little blessings!

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